Through this programme British Weight Lifting aims to provide clubs and lifters up and down Britain with an alternative and innovative method of funding. Whether you need funds for new equipment, transportation or competition fees, crowdfunding offers a unique solution to generate additional revenue by engaging with your followers and supporters!

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Haltérophilie Mike Harris

Wythenshawe Weightlifting - Youth Development
  • Terminé
  • £ 1 325
  • 29

Haltérophilie British Weight Lifting

Going for Gold Coast 2018
  • Terminé
  • £ 1 530
  • 21

Haltérophilie Kelly-jo Robson

Only prepared to win!
  • Terminé
  • £ 1 800
  • 89

Haltérophilie Steve Sharp

Lift your community to new heights.
  • Terminé
  • £ 2 621
  • 32

Haltérophilie Maria Omma-Dalziel

British Championship 2016 and further
  • Terminé
  • £ 640
  • 17

Haltérophilie Hamid Mosavi

Cube Fit Olympic Weightlifting club
  • Terminé
  • £ 1 000
  • 29

British Weight Lifting is the National Governing Body for Olympic Weight Lifting and Paralympic Powerlifting in Great Britain.

Established initially as the British Amateur Weight Lifters’ Association in 1910, British Weight Lifting is responsible for developing participation and performance across Olympic Weight Lifting and IPC Powerlifting in Great Britain. With hundreds of Olympic Weight Lifting and Para-Powerlifting clubs in Britain, and registered members across the nation, British Weight Lifting is a growing organisation with an influential role in building a fitter future for Great Britain.

British Weight Lifting operates several initiatives aimed at encouraging young people to learn the fundamental movement skills valuable not just in Olympic Weight Lifting but also for all physical activities. British Weight Lifting coordinates and facilitates the set-up, running and growth of club infrastructure from national, regional and sub-regional level.

Running this crowdfunding programme in partnership with Sponsorise.Me is a way for British Weight Lifting to provide clubs and lifters with an innovative and forward thinking funding solution

Déposez votre projet et ayez une chance d'être soutenu par British Weight Lifting

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