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Through this programme England Golf aims to provide affiliated clubs and facilities with an alternative and innovative method of funding. Whether you need funds for new equipment, facility developments or targeted events, crowdfunding offers a unique solution to generate additional revenue by engaging with your followers and supporters!

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(Finished) Golf for Adults with Lear... 106 %

Tim Gilpin
33 supporters   £ 1,275 collected

England Golf is the governing body for amateur golf in England. It is one of the country’s largest sports governing bodies and looks after the interests of more than 1,900 golf clubs and 675,000 men, women, boy and girl club members.

England Golf is at the heart of grassroots golf, inspiring people to have a lifelong involvement in the game. Our development initiative ‘Get into golf’ introduces new golfers, juniors and adults, to start playing the game as well as increasing the interest and participation in golf. Working with our partners we offer business support to clubs to encourage more golfers to enjoy the benefits of club membership and to help promote the game as being accessible, fun and family friendly.

England Golf are working with to help golf clubs find the financial support they need to fulfil their ambitions.

Crowdfunding gives golf clubs a way to gain financial support for specific projects from their local communities and social networks.

To reward clubs for exploring an alternative funding method for their projects, England Golf will automatically pledge £250 on all the campaigns ran with Sponsorise.Me

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