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PSG Academy is the official Academy of the Paris Saint-Germain FC throughout Florida.

PSG Soccer School provides the innovative and elite PSG Programs designed for the top players of the world. With the highest rated soccer coaches in Florida, PSG Academy provides the most comprehensive Competitive & Recreational soccer programs in Florida for boys and girls from U6 to U23.

With its prestigious Youth Soccer Academy and the Miami’s Adult Premier team, FC Miami City, PSG Academy acts as a direct pipeline to national and international high-performing professional soccer clubs & universities.

Through this innovative program the PSG Academy Florida wants to support its future members by running crowdfunding projects to help them obtain the funds they need.

Today, the PSG Academy Florida is spreading across the sunshine state, allowing more and more members to join this unbelievable experience and maybe make their dream come true. Join us on this fabulous journey!

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● The PSG Academy Florida and Sponsorise.me will support any soccer player to get funds to join the club

● Promotion of the projects on the PSG Academy Florida social media platforms.

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