What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds from the community around you, using the power of the crowd. It’s a real alternative to sponsoring. Every day, millions of athletes and teams seek funding to achieve their sporting endeavours. Every day, millions of fans engage with them on their social networks. At Sponsorise.Me, we work on the basis of the principle that it’s much easier to find one thousand lots of €1 rather than one lot of €1,000. In exchange for the financial support, fans receive exclusive rewards they couldn’t find anywhere else. This is crowdfunding!

Who is Sponsorise.Me for?

Sponsorise.Me is intended for everyone interested in sports (individuals or organisations), whether they actually do the sport or not. Our aim is to help athletes fulfil their dream, by providing a tool and the support they need to make their project a reality.

How is Sponsorise.Me paid?

Signing up to Sponsorise.Me is free. A commission of 10% excluding tax is applied to the money raised for the project when the initial funding target has been achieved. If the project does not achieve its initial target, no commission is applied and all the supporters are automatically refunded in full (so Sponsorise.Me does not take any commission). This is the “all or nothing” principle.

What is a project initiator?

The project initiator is the person or organisation posting their sports project on the platform, thus expressing their need for funding. If the project initiator is a person, he/she must be over the age of 18, otherwise he/she must be supported by an adult.

What types of projects are accepted on Sponsorise.Me?

All sports projects are accepted on Sponsorise.Me. Whether you’re a well-known athlete, a professional or you practise the sport for pleasure, we think everyone should be able to make their dream a reality. Our platform is dedicated to the vast category of sport, in every shape and form!

When will my project come on line?

There are three stages in the way our platform works:

  1. Once you have submitted your project proposal, our team will consider it within 24 hours (often less!).
  2. Once your project proposal has been pre-approved by our team, you can publish your project (photos, rewards, text and so on) and communicate with your dedicated campaign manager to work on (and maximise) your campaign.
  3. When you feel your project is ready, you can then submit it to us. After final approval by your campaign manager, it’s over to you to get your community on board to collect the funds!

How do I set my campaign’s fundraising target?

It is essential to set an appropriate fundraising target. We apply the “all or nothing” principle which means that to release the funds you have raised, you have to achieve 100% of the target you have set. If not, the contributions will be refunded in full. Take your time deciding on your target. It must be exactly what you need to realise your sports project and you need to figure out your funding potential by assessing the capacity of your friends, family and community to support your project.

What is a reward? Who organises them?

You can offer rewards based on your project becoming a reality, such as experiences and events, mementos and thank you messages, even deferred rewards. Don’t forget that your supporters are helping you achieve your project. By rewarding their contributions, they can feel part of the adventure. They must get special treatment and be offered exclusive rewards they wouldn’t get anywhere else. We call these “Money can’t buy” rewards. Sponsorise.Me does not handle rewards. It is the project initiator’s responsibility to create, deliver and follow them up.

How long should my campaign last?

Our campaigns on Sponsorise.Me generally last between 30 and 45 days, but sometimes less! The maximum period of time we allow is 60 days. If campaigns are too long, this adversely affects the project. It is less dynamic and the message to potential supporters loses its appeal. It is up to you to decide what is the ideal length of time to maximise your project’s chances of success.

When will I receive the funds I have raised?

To guarantee the security of payments made and the sum raised, we work with the payment service providers MangoPay, Hipay and Stripe. When your campaign has ended and if your initial target has been achieved, your bank details and proof of ID are checked. The funds raised will then be transferred to you within a few working days.

What happens if my campaign does not achieve its initial target?

If your initial target has not been achieved at the end of your fund raise, all your supporters will be refunded and Sponsorise.Me will not get any commission.

Can I exceed my initial target?

Yes, in fact it is recommended to exceed your initial target! There is no maximum limit, and it is obviously the sign of a well-run campaign. The record for Sponsorise.Me is 1,136%; what a great challenge!

What is a supporter?

The supporter is the person or the organisation financially supporting a project. In exchange for this support, the project initiator undertakes to give the supporter an exclusive reward as a result of the sports project becoming a reality. In addition to monetary support, the supporter is strongly recommended to support the project initiator’s campaign by sharing his/her experience with his/her community.

How to financially support a project on Sponsorise.me?

Supporting a project a Sponsorise.Me is very simple. Just go to the project page for the project you want to support and click on the ‘Sponsor’ button. You can support the project you want using a payment card via our secure payment service providers MangoPay, HiPay and Stripe, depending on which country the project you want to support is in.

When will I receive my reward?

You receive your reward when the project you have supported is complete and when it has achieved its final target. The project initiator is responsible for creating, delivery and following up rewards. When you select the reward, we inform you of the estimated delivery date, indicated by the project initiator. Sponsorise.Me does not deal with the delivery of rewards.

Can I support a project without asking for a reward?

Yes, you can support a project without asking for a reward in return. Just inform the project initiator.

How do I get an invoice/receipt for my contribution?

You can get an invoice/receipt for your contribution by submitting a request to the project initiator. You can contact the project initiator directly via a message on our website, or via a comment on his/her project page. Sponsorise.Me does not provide receipts for contributions.

Can I cancel my contribution to a project?

Supporters can cancel their contribution until the end of the project. Log onto Sponsorise.Me using your login details, then go to the “My account” page, then “My transactions” to activate the cancellation. Once the project is complete, contributions cannot be cancelled.

Can I get a tax rebate on my contribution?

Yes, you can get a tax rebate on your contribution if the project initiator is a general interest association or public interest organisation. Generally, this information is provided on the project page. If you are not certain, you can find out from the project initiator.

What happens if the campaign I have supported does not achieve its target?

If the campaign’s initial target is not achieved at the end of the campaign, you will get a full refund for your contribution. The refund is automatically activated and transferred within a few working days.

What happens if it is impossible to get some contributions? What conditions apply in case of failed contributions?

Even if you reach, or exceed, 100% of your funding target, Sponsorise.Me might be unable to collect some of the pledges from your supporters. If so, that will reduce the amount of money you will receive when Sponsorise.Me transfers you.

In that unlikely event, there are a number of different reasons for it: the use of an expired card, a bank refusal, an insufficient funds on the backer’s bank account, etc.

We’ll do as much as we can to make sure you receive the failed pledges by automatically requesting the funds from the backer’s bank account up to 15 days after the end of your crowdfunding campaign.

Unfortunately, we are not responsible and we cannot guarantee that the amount of funding you receive will be exactly equal to total the amount pledged during the campaign. If after 15 days, there are still pledges outstanding from your backers, we will provide you with the list of backers that had a failed transaction in order for you to contact them.